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Take Advantage
of our Expansive Experience

Serving Statewide New Jersey and New York

Wheatley Law Firm has more than a decade of combined experience helping clients navigate through some of the most complicated period of their lives. We can help you with a wide range of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Protecting your interests in a divorce or other domestic matter.
  • Helping you obtain compensation after suffering a personal injury.
  • Presenting a compelling defense against criminal charges.
  • Facilitating your mediation or arbitration or represent you individually.
  • Forming a business, draft a contract or handle other business law issues.
  • Negotiating your severance agreement.
  • Preparing for the future with proper estate planning.

Wheatley Law Firm was established to provide the legal help people need to get through difficult times in their lives while maintaining dignity. Whatever your legal issue, we will put genuine effort into finding a resolution. We take our work very seriously; but we treat you as a person, not a case or merely a number. We work in a cooperative partnership with you, understanding that it is you who must ultimately live with the final results of your case.

Our unrelenting resolve is backed by over a decade of experience of serving the legal community with integrity and diligence.

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