The Law Firm That Will Work in Partnership With You

At Wheatley Law Firm, you can take advantage of our expansive experience. We have nearly two decades of experience in helping clients navigate through the most complicated periods of their lives.


Boutique Law Firm for Selected Legal Matters

While being a boutique law firm, Wheatley Law Firm can help you with a wide range of legal matters. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Negotiating your business transactions.

  • Forming a business, drafting a contract, or handling other business law issues.

  • Helping you obtain compensation after suffering a personal injury.

  • Providing a confidential legal assessment of complex criminal matters.

  • Facilitating your mediation or arbitration or representing you individually.

  • Providing legal services for a wide range of real estate matters.

Providing Legal Help With Integrity and Dignity

Wheatley Law Firm was established to provide exceptional legal services during the most difficult times in clients' lives, ensuring that each client is treated with dignity and respect throughout the process. Whatever your legal issue, we will put genuine effort into finding a resolution.

We take our work very seriously. We are devoted to treating you as a person, not just a case. Our law firm works in a cooperative partnership with you with the understanding that it is you who must ultimately live with the final results of your case.

Our unrelenting resolve is backed by nearly a decade of experience in serving the legal community with integrity and diligence.

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